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Silicon wafer is thin slice of single crystal Silicon. Crystalline silicon has a complete periodic lattice structure and is a good semiconducting material. Its different crystal directions shows unique properties. Purity requirements of Silicon wafer for research and Industrial application must be 99.99%. Not just material purity but for semiconductor device fabrication, deviation from specification should be minimum. You can read about various Silicon wafer quality grades in the following link:CLICK HERE.

We provide Prime grade (lower grades can also be supplied on special request) monocrystalline Silicon, Silicon dioxide on Silicon (grown by thermal oxidation), Silicon Nitride on Silicon (Si3N4:grown by LPCVD) and Silicon on insulator (SOI) wafers. Monocystalline Silicon ingots are manufactured by either Czochralski (CZ) or Float Zone (FZ) method resulting in a excellent quality and high purity. A Silicon wafer is obtained from wire cutting of Silicon ingot followed by polishing and cleaning. Both Doped and Undoped wafers are available. Resistivity or doping concentration or doping type (P/N type Si wafer), Orientation, thickness of the wafer can be customized as per your requirement.

Physical property
  • State of matter: solid
  • Melting point: 1687K (1414 ℃)
  • Boiling point: 3173K (2900 ° C)
  • Molar volume: 12.06 × 10-6m3 / mol
  • vaporization heat: 384.22kJ / mol
  • Melting heat: 50.55kJ / mol
  • Vapor pressure: 4.77Pa (1683K)
Applications of Si wafer

Substrate for PVD / CVD coating, magnetron sputtering, molecular beam epitaxy, sample for atomic force growth, infrared spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy and in manufacturing NEMS/MEMES/integrated circuits.

Specifications of Silicon wafers
Item Unit Specification
Grade -- Prime
Crystallinity -- Monocrystalline
Diameter inches 2 inch or 3 inch or 4 inch or 6 inch or 8 inch
Diameter mm 50.8±0.3 or 76.2±0.3 or 100±0.5 or 154±0.5 or 200±0.5
Growth Method CZ / FZ
Dopant Boron / Phosphorus
Type P / N type
Thickness μm 180 – 1000±10 or as required
Orientation <100> <110> <111>±1
Resistivity Ω-cm As required
Polishing Single side or Double side polished
SiO2 layer (grown by thermal oxidation) / Si3N4 layer (grown by LPCVD) layer thickness as required
Packing As per requirement
Silicon on Insulator (SOI) wafer

Silicon on Insulator (SOI) wafers are widely used in manufacturing complementary metal oxide semiconductors (CMOS) and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). SOI wafers offer advantage of high speed and low power or heat dissipation over Si wafer. SOI wafer consists of three stacked layers: Active device layer of prime grade Silicon, insulting SiO2 buried oxide layer and Silicon handle layer. Schematics of SOI wafer is shown below:

Specifications of SOI wafer:
Specifications <-->
Method Fusion bonding
Diameter 4 Inches or 6 Inches 8 Inches
Device thickness 2 um to 300 um
Orientation <100> or <111> or <110> or others
Conductivity P - type or N - type or Intrinsic
Resistivity 0.001 to 100000 ohm-cm
Oxide thickness 500A to 4 um
Handle wafer >= 300 um
Surface Double sides polished
Just drop us an email (at [email protected])or whatsapp (at +91-9868742525) your requirement. We can customize Si wafer specifications according to your requirement. You can also purchase ready stock Si wafers from our store (kindly note Wafer box is provided only with 25 wafers for less than 25 normal box packaging is provided)
Frequently Asked Questions
Silicon wafers are thin slices of silicon ingot used as a semiconductor in electronic devices. They can be in both single crystal or in polycrystalline form depending upon the requirement of the user. Silicon is the second most abundant element on the planet making silicon wafer the best alternative for semiconductor devices. With it vast history, silicon wafer technology has come a long way and still the potential of its various dynamics is yet to be discovered making it hot topic of R & D in semiconductor industry.
Monocrystalline Silicon wafers are semiconductor in nature and their conductivity can be controlled through doping concentration. A heavily doped wafer can have electrical resistivity as low as 0.001 Ohm cm and an undoped wafer (intrinsic) can have resistivity as high as 1000000 Ohm cm.
Yes, silicon wafer can be doped according to the requirement of the user. Doping material decides weather the silicon wafer will be P-Type or N-Type. Silicon wafer are doped with Phosphorus or Arsenic to achieve N-Type characteristics and when doped with Boron P-Type characteristics is imparted. Doping concentration is also varied to control electrical conductivity of the wafer.
Clean surface of a silicon wafer is hydrophobic. But when exposed to air a thin SiO2 layer of ~1nm can be formed making the silicon wafer hydrophilic in nature.
You can purchase silicon wafer directly from our online store: here. We, Vritra Technologies are the leading supplier of silicon wafer across India covering wide range of prime grade monocrystalline silicon wafer to suit the requirement of research as well as industrial institutions.
The cost of silicon wafer depends on many factors. Like size, thickness, quantity, doping concentration, fabrication method etc. To check prices of available stock in inventory, please visit the link: here .
Yes, Silicon wafers is a good conductor of heat. Heat conduction in materials is due to the contribution of free electrons and phonons (Atomic viberational energy). In metals, both electrons and phonons are the major contributor in heat transfer. But Silicon wafer is a semiconductor which lacks free electrons under normal conditions therefore phonons are the major contributor in heat transfer. Also single crystal structure further enhances the phonon transfer thereby making Silicon wafer a good thermal conductor.
Oxide layer of ~ 1nm forms on the surface of Silicon wafer when exposed to air. Therefore, it is has to be cleaned before using. Following process is used for Silicon wafer cleaning:
it is well explained here.
Silicon wafers are circular in shape as they are sliced across the height of cylindrical shape Silicon ingot.

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