Single crystal quartz wafers by Vritra Technologies

High purity single crystal Quartz wafers


We offer high purity SAW and optical grade single crystal quartz wafers grown by hyrothermal method. Wafers are available in various orientations namely: X-Cut, Y-Cut, Z-Cut, AT-Cut and ST-Cut. Quartz wafer have excellent thermal conductivity, high working temperature, high optical transmittance and unique piezoelectric properties. Due to these properties, Quartz wafers find numerous applications in semiconductor industry, optical lens manufacturing, in microwave filters, optical fiber etc. Wafers are available in 2 Inch, 3 Inch, 4 Inch and 6 Inch diameter with single side or double side polishing (optically transprent). Specifications can be customized as per your requirement.

Single Crystal Quartz Wafer properties:
Formula SiO2
Growth method Hydrothermal
Crystal structure Hexagonal
Lattice constant a=4.9 Å , C=5.4 Å
Q value 1.8 x 10 6 min.
Inclusion IEC Grade II
Grade SAW grade , Optical grade
Density 2.67 g / cm3
Poisson's ratio NA
Young's modulus 97.2 Gpa / 76.5 Gpa
Moh's hardness 7
Melting point 1620 °C
Specific heat 0.18 cal / gm
Thermal conductivity 0.0033 cal / cm / °C
Thermal expansion coefficient 13.71 ×10 - 6 K-1
Electrical Properties
Resistivity ( ohm-cm ) 8@250 °C / 6.5@350 °C
Loss Tangent 37 x 10-4
Dielectric constant 4.6
Refractive index ( @ 589 nm ) Nd =1.544
Wafer Specifications:
Specification Value
Diameter 2/ 3 / 4/ 6 Inches
Thickness 0.4 mm / 0.5 mm / 0.7 mm / 1.1 mm
Angle cut X cut / Y cut / Z cut /AT-cut 35.25° / ST cut 42.75°
Surface Single side polished / Double sides (Optically Transparent) polished
Flat SEMI.Std. flat or Notch
TTV <= 15 um
Roughness Ra <=10 Å
Surface quality 60 / 40
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