Copper Foam by Vritra Technologies

High purity Copper Foam with porosity > 95%


Copper Foam have highly porous structure with large surface to volume ratio, it also exhibits high thermal and electrical conductivity. Due to its excellent electrical conductivity Copper Foam finds numerous applications as an electrode in fuel cells, lithium-Ion batteries, Nickel-Batteries, supercapcitors and double layer capacitors. Also, due to its high thermal conductivity it is widely used as heat sink and as a flame retardant in modern fire extinguishers. Copper foams being a excellent porous and non toxic material finds application in water purification and medical filters. We supply high porosity and purity copper foam for research applications.

Features of the Product
Purity > 99%
Form Sheet
Cell Size (PPI) 110 PPI
Thickness 1.5 mm
Size & Shape 200mm*300mm
Porosity 95%-98%
Thermal Conductivity (Theoretical) 400W/m.K
Mechanical Strength (Theoretical) ≥ 2.5MPa
Tensile Strength (Theoretical) 5~18MPa
Temperature Resistance (Theoretical) ≥200-900°C
Molecular Weight 63.55
Melting Point 1085 °C
Boiling Point 2562 °C
Specific Heat 0.39 kJ/kg·K
Vickers Hardness 369 MPa
Areal density 350±20g/m2
Electrical resistivity 1.67 μΩ·cm (20 °C)
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